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Bosvision 4-digit combination steel chain padlock

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Bosvision 4-digit combination chain padlock is made of a strengthened zinc alloy lock cylinder and strong manganese steel chain. The high density 34 links make this chain padlock more powerful to resist drills and saws.This padlock protects your bike from thief in the highest level.

Secure Your Bike

Total weight of the lock is 737g, each link of the chain is about 40mm long and about 4mm thick. All the chain links are welded perfectly. It is big and sturdy to secure for your bike or belongings.

Easy to use

The length is 120cm, able to lock a wheel to the frame and to lock both of them to a bicycle rack. The weight is 737g, easily coiled on bike frame while riding. The setting of the combination is very easy and it can be changed anytime.

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