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Key-Guard combination padlock for key storage lockbox / key safe

  • £30.00

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  • Allows keys and valuables to be locked away and accessed using a security code
  • Suitable for a range of situations, including property management, building sites, children after school, outdoor activities, marinas, car services and security
  • Designed with hardened steel shackle so can be secured to a fixed pole or rope
  • Strong zinc alloy casing and dials with 10mm shackle
  • Compact size to keep over 5 keys

Never Get Locked Out Again
Bosvision Key-Guard guarantees that you and your loved ones will never be stranded outside. There is also no need to hide your key under a rock or under a door mat which are common places that burglars seek for access to a home.

It is well-suited to any situation where several people need access to keys--all that you need to do is provide the authorized person with the combination to open the lock. Examples where the key safe is perfect are when family members return to the car at different times or when you need to hide your house keys for house sitters, holiday renters, cleaners and contractors. It is also ideal for all outdoor activities, such as surfing, diving, windsurfing, walking, canoeing and camping.

With an all-metal construction and a weather-resistant fortification around the shackle, Bosvision Key-Guard is built for all types of conditions.

A Simple Solution:
Bosvision Key Guard has a hanging shackle with a single combination so you can put it anywhere you want. Also, the side-opening door ensures you won't lose the door when opening the key safe.

Compact size but large space: 
This strong, heavy lockbox features a large internal space, measuring 87 by 35 by 15.8 mm, in which you can store keys, credit cards or other valuable items. It also can be used to keep a car key, great for joggers, surfers, and swimmers!

Use For: 
Real Estate Agents or Real Estate Listings
Use with Medical Alert Device to Avoid Door Damage in Case of Emergency
Property Management Key Lock Box
Easy Access for Maintenance or House Cleaning Crews

Shackle size: 10mm
Size: W 59.5, D 19, H 134.2mm
Inner size: 87 x 35 x 15.8 mm