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Portable Locker/Safe, Key Box, Key Lockbox, Key Safe, 3-digit combination and key access

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  • Lock valuables inside the box and secure to a fixed object like car handle, lamp post, pole...
  • Large storage space (139 x 90 x 54 mm) to keep many items
  • 3-digit combination and 2 master keys to open the box when forget the code
  • Suitable for many outdoor activities or home, office, school...

When doing outdoor activities, it is always a headache where to keep car keys, wallet, phone...Bosvision portable locker / safe is the solution!

The storage space is large. You can put car keys, wallet or mobile phone inside and lock the box to a fixed object like car handle, pole or lamp post...

Bosvision portable locker / safe is suitable for many occasions: jogging, cycling, swimming, camping, hiking, beach, pools, hotels, resorts, gyms, home, offices, school, parks, hospitals and more...