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Bosvision Cable Lock, 4-digit Combination with 3 Feet Retractable Cable for Bike, Ski, Snowboard and Stroller

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  • Featuring a 2.4(Dia) x 900(L) mm retractable cable, thicker than most other cable locks
  • Adjustable vinyl coated steel cable to lock and tighten around items
  • 4-digit set-your-own 10,000-combination at your convenience
  • Push-button retraction for easy cable recoiling
  • Ideal for securing skis, bikes, buggies, stroller and other items together or to a secure fixture

A-level quality 
Made from brand names factory, Bosvision combination retractable cable padlock lightweight housing is a strong, sturdy and reliable construction. The 2.4(dia) x 90(L) mm vinyl coated cable gives extra cut resistance. It provides higher security level than cheap padlocks in the market.

Set-your-own 4-digit code 
No key to lose! 4-digit code gives your choices of 10,000 combinations and affords extra protection. The included setup guide instructs the procedure to change the code.

Ideal for different occasion 
Bosvision combination retractable cable padlock is ideal to secure skis, bikes, buggies, pushchairs, strollers and other items together or to a secure fixture.


Body: ABS 
Dimension: 65(W) x 22(D) x 95.2(H) mm 
Cable: dia 2.4(Dia) x 900(L) mm 

Weight: 87 grams