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Bosvision 4-digit combination padlock with cable of 2 end loops

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Versatile Application: (Multipurpose)

This padlock combines both 4-digit padlock and a double end looped cable. The double end looped cable (Ø4.8mm X 2000mm) can easily secure the bike or equipment to a fixed object, like a pole, a pillar, a shelf, a gate or a fence… It prevents the thief moves the entire locked bike or equipment because it is locked together with this fixed object.

The combination padlock body is built in with the cable so you don’t need to buy another padlock separately. The patented adjustable locking mechanism holds the padlock body and the cable tight at any position to fit perfectly.

Braided Steel Cable

The braided steel cable is cut-resistance. The double looped end can be used for many occasions. The cable is vinyl coated to protect bikes and equipment from scratches.

Set-your-own 4-digit code

No key to lose! 4-digit code gives your choices of 10,000 combinations and affords extra protection. The included setup guide instructs the procedure to change the code.

Ideal for different occasion

Bosvision double loop cable combination padlock is ideal to secure skis, bikes, buggies, pushchairs, strollers and other items together or to a secure fixture.

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